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General conditions for purchasing
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Payment forms are the following:
Availability of material and communications
As we have a great number of items delivered daily, sometimes the purchased materials may be not available or may need to be restocked. If such a situation should happen, "L'Artigianato" will inform customers updating them about the estimated date of delivery. If you should submit a form for urgent deliveries, "L'Artigianato" recommends to ask in advance for the effective availability of your chosen products.

Shipping & Repairs
"L'Artigianato" ships throughout Italy and abroad relying on several express couriers such as UPS, SDA, DHL…to offer our customers a satisfying service, granting advantageous rates.
General conditions for the transport
According with general conditions listed below, "L'Artigianato", its employees and agents are in anyway not responsible for whatever lost and / or damaged goods should be delivered; if there should be a responsibility they will respond only within the limits indicated under art. 1. Therefore, we recommend to our Customers to be ready to provide shipment insurance details for all their orders, so to apply and guarantee a global protection for their goods in all circumstances.

If "L'Artigianato" should be considered responsible for the loss or damages of transported goods, this will happen within the limits established by the law.
"L'Artigianato" makes its best to assure quick deliveries, processing these through regular schedules; anyway, “L’Artigianato” won’t be considered responsible for delays in picking, transporting or delivering objects, regardless the causes for such delays.
"L’Artigianato" won’t also be considered responsible for the loss, incorrect delivery or non-delivery of items, as a result of:
a) majeure forces, fortuitous events or any other reason not reasonably imputable to "L'Artigianato".
b) for recipient or customer’s behaviour, default or omission, or if any other party involved in the shipment should act inappropriately (including the violation of any terms and conditions established here).
In any case, "L’Artigianato" freely choices its methods of execution for contracts, including that of entrusting it entirely or partially to third parties.
c) shipment methods, and / or of each object and / or packaging, defects, faults, etc ...

"L’Artigianato" under any circumstances, can’t be considered responsible, for damages and / or direct and / or indirect losses of any kind (however determined, and whatever the Customer should experience as a damage regardless if "L’ Artigianato" should or not acknowledge such damages). For instance, but not exhaustively, as indirect damages and losses we mean: loss of income, profits, goodwill or customers, damage to the image, etc.
As what concerns derogation – as said in articles 1686 and 1690 of the C.C. - if the transport can’t be carried out, or the objects won’t be delivered, "L'Artigianato" will inform customers in the shortest time possible in order to find a suitable solution to solve the problem.
In the absence of timely instructions, "L’Artigianato " will treat objects anyway not taking any responsibility for their storage.

Notwithstanding the exclusion of responsibility for "L'Artigianato" – in what concerns indirect damages indicated in the previous article 3-  the customer is entitled to ask to "L'Artigianato" the stipulation - in his favour and at his expenses - of a special insurance so to guarantee the coverage of deriving damages caused by the transport.
It is understood that in the absence of insurance, all the above-mentioned damages will be directly assumed by the Customer on his own, given the above-mentioned exclusion of responsibility for "L'Artigianato".
Shipping notices
"L’Artigianato" will always notify customers for the shipment of their orders. The notice will be delivered to the customer by e-mail or telephone.
Shipping Costs and Locations
"L' Artigianato" delivers all over the world. In case of an international shipment, before proceeding to any order, "L'Artigianato" recommends you to ask in advance for shipping costs, which may vary according with weight / volume and destinations.

Replacement times (insured goods)
Times of replacements for insured goods may vary depending on the availability of the required items. In any case, these terms may vary between 7 and 30 working days starting from the day of request. Our staff will keep customers updated on the procedure.

Right of Cancellation
Customer's rights:
Since 2005 October 23rd, the new Consumer Code is in force, which regulates all agreement processes and / or contractual nature processes in which consumers are involved, both as individuals and part of a community. The legislative decree is a single text aimed in aligning the national legislation with that of the European Community, ordering the various legislative acts which, up to now, regulated the matter.
This consists of the right to return the purchased goods to the seller and the consequent refund for the purchased price.
The right of cancelling an order applies for natural persons (consumers) who act for purposes unrelated to their business.
Retailers, companies and VAT holders are therefore excluded from the law.

Causes of cancellation:
The customer can cancel an order if:
1) The ordered materials shouldn’t correspond for what concerns the technical data indicated.
2) Another object, rather than the one effectively ordered, should be delivered.
Procedure for Returning items:
The right of returning items is exercised by sending, within the terms of 14 working days, a communication via e-mail to the address or
To obtain a refund, goods must be received free port at our stores at the address below, original packaging included. Returned products and the packaging must be the new and same as received.