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The Vespa, created in 1946 as practical solution to daily mobility, today represents not only an alternative to cars and traffic or the faithful companion of many journeys and adventures, but also the expression of a unique and remarkable style.
The secret of Vespa is to travel through time and society, changing with it but always preserving its specific identity. The Vespa is still perceived as having its own unique identity, able to move any sort of driver or simply those admiring it.
The roundness of his sides and the balance of the lines express the beauty of the perfect synthesis between simplicity and function. Usefulness and style characterize also the new Vespa objects realized by Forme. There acknowledgement of a few up dated specifics, is well combined with the main dynamical characteristics of Vespa space and the time.
These objects are able to be perceived not only as a simple light, control or speedometer but also as “piece” of a Vespa and as such, capable of recalling emotions.
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