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Goofi Egan
To be human is so exhausting .... then I will be a GOOFI! Metamorphosis, transformation, change .... Calm, reflection, wisdom .... have arrived! the GOOFI! A GOOFI is not an owl or a race of bird of prey, not a bird in danger of extinction or a pet.
 It does not deliver messages for transatlantic flights and is not a guardian of Gà Hoole. A GOOFI is ... a look dazed and amazed, out of this world so fast and turbulent. A GOOFI is ... a myth, a star who becomes an icon to regain my composure and wisdom. A GOOFI is ... a game, a memory, a familiar image that accompanies you. A GOOFI is ... one, nobody, one hundred thousand GOOFI. Every one has a GOOFI that can warm his heart, to remember a time, to revive an emotion. Cinema, music, art, science, superheroes, cartoons, literature ... there is no form that can not take a GOOFI, there is no myth that GOOFI can not embody. The wait is over, the doors of the world's most glamorous and trends. The GOOFI arrived, nothing will be as before!