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How To Order 
The store is specialized in Italian handcrafts and, because of this, products we process may be subject to changes over time, for what concerns shapes, colours and size; plus, depending on the object and the raw materials used, they may encounter shorter or longer processing times.
All prices and shipping costs are expressed in € (VAT excluded); foreign shipment costs, customs duties and destination State taxes are charged to the customer.
All prices may be subject to changes over time.
In case of purchase of one or more products, you should consider the following indications:
1. To view all the Products sorted by Category, click on the "Products" button - on the top of the Main Menu bar
2. To add products to your order, click on the green button "Add to Order". To view details for a    product, click on the picture of the same product. You can view your order at any time by clicking on the button at the top right of the Main Menu bar. During this procedure, you can delete and change the quantity of chosen products.

STEP 1. Order details
Once you have selected all the needed products, click on "Next".

STEP 2. Login and Registration
  - If you are a registered user, enter "Username" and "Password";
  - If you are a new customer, enter the required data to register. Once verified the inserted data, click on the "Register" button. At this point you will receive an e-mail with a link - you need to click on this link, to activate the registration (if the link shouldn’t work, copy and paste it inside the URL space of your browser). Once you have received the confirmation for your registration, you can continue with the next step.

STEP 3. Shipping and billing details
Enter the data for billing and shipping, then click on "Next".

STEP 4. Payment methods
- Choose whether to collect the product directly in the store or if you need a shipment to the address specified during the previous registration procedure. Shipping costs being displayed at this stage are indicative.
- You can send a message to the store staff for specific requests.
- Select the Payment method and then click on "Send Order".

STEP 5. Order placed
You will receive an identification code for your order.
3. In a short time, generally 24/48 hours, you will receive an e-mail which will provide you with a booking summary, and other useful information: Product Availability - Delivery Date/Time - Shipping Costs - Total Owed - Payment Procedures.