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Gifts and Handmade Objects
The shop is located in one of the most beautiful places in Rome, the magnificent and architectonic jewel Piazza Navona. The shop is specialized in gifts, furnishing and handmade objects. The articles you will be able to find go from a classic style, such as Capodimonte chinaware, Artistic china, Murano glass made objects, Table games (Dal Negro, Modiano) etc. to a more modern style which includes articles from famous design companies such as Alessi, Bialetti, Giannini, La Pavoni, Guzzini, all of these goods are exclusively made in Italy where the particular manufacture and the extreme attention and care for the details which are known worldwide.
Entering the store will make you immediately comfortable, you will find a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, which is made even more intimate by a furnishing which gives even more value to the objects exposed. Our customers come from all around the world and it is always nice to see how the “Made in Italy” is appreciated from such different people with many different tastes, habits and traditions.

The variety of our products and the kindness of our staff make of our store an ideal place to shop and a place where it will be hard not to find a gift for someone or just for yourself.
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